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    In order to join the winter thinking all customers are profitable, the company made the following requirements.
    1. have independent legal personality, and integrity.
    2. With good economic strength, rich social relations, and the right brand philosophy.
    3. Has the brand apparel experience, the market is sensitive.
    4. First, the secondary market mall loading salable area less than 30 square feet.
    5. Lot stores bustling commercial street salable area less than 45 square feet.
    6. stores or counters headquarters renovation must meet the requirements of the standard.

    Join Advantage
    An offer for dealers complete and accurate market research and analysis.
    2. To provide professional training system for dealers, retail training.
    3. dealers to provide guidance before the opening, and the appropriate promotional materials, and advertising is.
    4. for dealers, safe, and efficient logistics system, and perfect replacement mechanism.
    5. shop for dealers to provide free design.
    6. dealers made uniform store props.
    7. dealers offer exclusive franchise areas.


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